get classyyy

So I’ve been on a man-hating kick the past few days. oopsy.

I have another rant about guys, so if you get offended easily, I am quite sorry that you’re sensitive to my words.


what happened to the old-fashioned classy guys? I have yet to see or talk to one.

here’s what i’d like in a guy. it’s plain and simple.

• treat me right (this means no cheating, abuse, be nice, etc.)

• make me feel good about myself

• don’t rush me into things I don’t want to do

• no smoking [anything] . if you drink, drink on occasion or if you really need a beer. I ain’t got time for an alcoholic

• be the right kind of smartass. i’m a huge smartass, so if you can’t take my jokes i’m sorry, it won’t work out. lol

• if you don’t like me/don’t want to talk anymore, don’t string me along, tell me why and end it.

• i’m sure there’s a few other things, but here’s my top 6.

what’s so hard about that? i mean, i’ve talked to a few guys and they all seemed great. then they find out i’m the rare kind of girl that doesn’t sleep with them after a week and they run away. sorry i’m classier than that. also, sorry that i don’t send pictures of myself to you. you’re welcome for not lecturing you about being an asshole. instead i just say “i’m not that kinda girl” and i go on with my day. i’m not sure if you feel dumb after i say that, but if you do, then i’m glad.


BOYS: start maturing a little bit. sure, you’re having fun now, but what’s gonna happen one day when you want to settle down? the girl you tried to be an ass to won’t be there for you. grow up and get classy fellas.


and GIRLS: just because a guy asks for it, doesn’t mean you have to send one like your life depends on it. that’s embarrassing. and it could end up on the internet for all you know or get sent to all of his guy friends. it’s been done to a lot of girls, ladies, so don’t think it won’t ever happen to you.




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