WARNING: another rant on the males.


SO…I’m not really sure why I haven’t talked about this before tonight. but……what’s up with guys cheating on their girls? if you have a lady, why go out and try to talk to another girl? what’s the point of even being in a relationship?

I think I’m a pretty good person to be able to talk about this subject. why? because I’ve been in the “cheated on” category and I’ve been in the “cheated with” category. so obviously I’ve seen both sides of the situation and trust me, karma has had her way with me.

CHEATERS: stick to YOUR woman and your woman ONLY. you’re going to pick up bad habits..for example, you’re going to start being an asshole to everyone because you’re scared that your girl is going to find out your secret business…you’ll start freaking out because you don’t want to hurt the girl’s feelings but you also don’t want to be with her.. trust me guys, us girls WANT/NEED to know what you want, we don’t like to be strung along. just be straight up with us. also, I know i’ve said this before, but what’s gonna happen when you wanna settle down with a really great girl? but she doesn’t trust you because everything you’ve done? trust me boys, you NEVER really gain a girl’s trust back. no matter how many times she says she trusts you, she doesn’t. theres always a paranoia of “where is he?” or “why is he talking to that girl!? he’s known her since he was 3, but still!” who wants to deal with paranoia? not you, and certainly not us. plain and simple, don’t cheat.

CHEATED ON: it’s tough…it really really is. but hey, I’m sure there were a lot of things in your life you thought you just couldn’t get through, and look where you are now. you’ve got your life, best friends who love you, and a family who supports you no matter what…[and if you don’t have any of the above, you should probably go out and meet some people.] sure, you can moan and groan about how he screwed you over and he deserves to pay for it blah blah blah…or you can build a bridge and move along. girl, you need to realize that the guy cheated on you, it means that he is an asshole/douchebag/dickhead and you don’t deserve to be cheated on.
also, if you’re thinking about keying his car or something hateful towards them, don’t. karma has its own way of coming after the person that deserves it. and it’ll be 10 times more than you ever imagined. so if you got that person back for what they did, what’s the point in karma coming after them? it’ll be coming for you.

CHEATED WITH: been there, done that. it’s not a fun situation. well, maybe at first. the adrenaline rush of sneaking around and such..but eventually it gets tiring. you start to really fall for the guy and can’t get back up from it. so what’s a way to prevent this? if that boy has a lady, don’t mess with him…it only leads to heartache/break, tears, screaming/yelling, over thinking, etc. trust me, I know. I don’t regret what I did in general because of the lessons that I learned, I just wish I would have learned them sooner than I did. girls, it’s not fun being the “other woman,” eventually in the end, the girl he’s cheating with you on will forgive him and he’ll stay with her. you’ll be pushed into the dark and you won’t want to come out of there until you’ve had your revenge. but just like I stated in the previous paragraph, let karma do her thing. it’ll happen, it might not happen when you want it to, but patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait…especially when we’re talking about karma.

IN GENERAL: ladies and gents, the moral of this blog post is just to advise you…give you advice…warn you before you do something stupid…lol

most people don’t want to listen to their friends and family because “they haven’t been through it” or “they don’t know what you’re going through”….but I have. a few times actually. haha I’ve dealt with crazy girlfriends, crazy ex-girlfriends, friends who talked about me behind my back, friends who, in a way, disowned me because of my actions, cheaters….the whole shebang.

if you’re in the situation stated above now, GET OUT OF IT. seriously, don’t answer their calls, don’t answer their texts, block them on facebook or your phone bill if you have to. if they know where you live and come there, lock the door and don’t answer when they come knocking on it. and if you’re thinking “well they deserve an explanation”….no they don’t. they don’t deserve anything from you. I know it’s extremely hard to not be able to talk to them when THEY call, text, message, or contact you in any way possible (because if you call them, their girlfriend will see and get pissed off and suspicious as to why you are calling..so that limits talking time)…but you CAN do it, and if you don’t want to get hurt, you WILL do it. yes, you love him….and he says he loves you…then why is he with the other girl?

in some cases, it’s way more complicated. but, still the same…you don’t deserve to be treated like that. everyone deserves to be happy, happy, happy.


ps. if you’re a guy and your girl is cheating on you, switch the word “girl” with “boy”. you know what I mean. (:


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