things I wish I would’ve known when I was 13.

they’re not in any specific order…just the things that pop in my head first.

1. get as much sleep as you possibly can. i wish i would’ve listened to my dad when he told me to go to sleep. I wish I could sleep all day nowadays, and I’m pretty sure I could.

2. don’t stay up all night on the Internet or watching TV. your eyes will one day hate you and be dry and/or red for the rest if your days.

3. if a guy has a girlfriend, it’s not a good idea to answer the phone when he calls…

4. if your boyfriend calls other girls, there’ll be trust issues there eventually. don’t get sucked into it.

5. start thinking of what you want to do with your life as soon as possible. I knew what I wanted to do by the time I was a sophomore in high school….and then I changed it my senior year. I’m now going I school for graphic design, passed the program at SHSU so I can get into my regular classes, and I’m having thoughts about double majoring.

6. life is hard. but you have to SUCK IT UP and get OVER the petty stuff.

7. be thankful for those close to you, you never know when you’re going to lose them.

8. if you have trust issues with a “friend,” they’re not a friend.

I’m pretty sure there are so many others, but they seem to have slipped my mind.


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