fan girling life forever ✌

I’ve been asked a million times, “don’t you get tired of his concerts?” my answer is always the same, no I don’t. I mean, there were a few times I’ve been really tired at his concerts and I’d yawn, but I yawn everywhere, haha. last night we had the privilege of going on Aaron’s tour bus once again. completely surprising, but completely perfect!

mom, Dad, and I roadtripped to Boerne, TX to see Aaron Watson & the Orphans of the Brazos. mom had brought Clint, AW’s manager, a German Chocolate pie and the rest of the band an apple pie. yes I was jealous. apple is my favorite EVER. anyways, during the show it was absolutely wonderful.

haha a little girl was next to me and said “I just have to tell somebody this! this set list is the same set list he had in Bastrop last night, I went to see him in Bastrop.” it’s always fun when people tell me they’ve been to however many concerts of his and I just smile and listen to them. so I smiled at this little girl and said “oh yeah, he’s had this same playlist at a lot of them.” I just couldn’t help myself. it seemed like she had the same personality that I did so I felt like I was still okay by saying that lol.



last week I had put all of my concert pictures to good use and made a scrapbook! I was planning on showing Aaron in line after the show. well, after waiting for an hour or so, the line was finally going down. Dad and I were having a staring contest…actually 5…on a picnic table by the line, when Aaron walked over to us and sat down. we were talking for a few seconds when he was asked to sign some stuff for some other fans, which is completely fine! then these two guys come over and start talking to him but using vulgar language. if anyone knows my mother or AW, they know that they don’t tolerate foul language like that. MFers and Sh*t? oh no sir, you do not have a need to cuss like that. clean up your act bro. well, you could tell Aaron was trying to talk with us so Clint came over to us and said for us to come on the bus. 😍SO WE DID😍 haha I told mom “it’s not even my birthday!” so we sat and talked for a while. I showed him my scrapbook finally and he absolutely LOVED it! he saw a picture of us from my very first concert at the Hall of Fame and said “you look so young!” and then he remembered a few of my friends (so I just had to tell them as soon as I got back to the hotel/this morning). then he signed it “Ash, love you lots & lots & lots! ❤Aaron Watson.” even his friend hunter likes my scrapbook! ha, so I guess I did a pretty good job on it! so about 15 minutes later (around 2 am), we decided it was time to go back to the hotel so they could get going…


seriously y’all, he’s the sweetest artist you will EVER meet. if you haven’t heard his music, go and google/YouTube him. Aaron Watson. he’s also got the cutest family ever. his wife is beyond inspirational. their blog, “Barbed Wire Halo”….it will make you cry with every word written. I think if more people read it, they’d understand what kind of man he really is and why I love him so much. but yes, he really is the greatest. we’ll be seeing him next week on the way to Galveston as well (;

Ash ❤


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