babies, babies, babies!

It’s been a whole 3 months since my last blog post. I really should work on my blogging skills, but then again, I never really had any. Since the beginning of August, so much has changed! let’s start wiiiiith……………

BRISON! my #1 favorite little boy on the planet. He’s grown so much over the past few months it’s so unreal! he’s been saying “DaDa” & “puppy” and walking/pushing his wagon by himself. He also gives sweet little kisses that just melt my heart away. I never thought I could love a little boy so much, and he’s not even my kid! He the CUTEST Superman for Halloween last week. I could squeeze him forever if he’d let me!


Superman Brison & Auntie Ashley ❤

Next on my list is a big announcement! (: BRILEE ANN<3 my sister and brother-in-law are having a little GIRL! Her due date is February 9, 2014 and I cannot WAIT! I’ve bought her so many onesies already it’s really making a dent in my bank account. She’s absolutely worth it though. I can’t wait to dress her up or have tea parties with her. She’s going to be precious.



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