have FUN, ladies.

When it comes to boys, I’ve been taught a few things.

  • Never let him change who YOU truly are.
  • If he makes you cry out of sadness more than happiness, he’s not worth keeping around.
  • If he wants to talk to you, he’ll find a way to talk to you. If he doesn’t want to talk to you, he’s not going to.

A girl I know has been talking/dating a boy the last month or so and he seems unlike all of the others she has dated. Also unlike the others, I wasn’t scared for her heart with this one. It might’ve been intuition, or it might’ve been that I know she was going to do whatever she wanted anyways. They had been spending a lot of time together on the weekends and drop everything for him. All of a sudden he wanted some space, which is totally cool since they had been spending every weekend together, but I can always tell when her heart starts breaking. Since then, it’s been an uphill-downhill rollercoaster.

I wanted to tell part of that story because this happens a lot more than anyone thinks it does. Boy talks to girl, girl falls hard for boy, boy wants space, another girl comes along, boys says he still cares for girl, other girl talks about 1st girl, boy still wants space. It’s inevitable. But why does this happen so often?

I feel like the movie He’s Just Not That Into You is the PERFECT example of what happens to girls when they are trying to find the right *one*. I find myself paraphrasing Justin Long & Ginnifer Goodwin’s characters daily, haha!

Most of the time, if a guy wants to have his own space and have fun, that’s genuinely what he’s going to do. It has nothing to do with you at all. Especially if he’s under the age of 23. Unfortunately, that leaves us girls in the dust with nothing but our thoughts. But girls, we should know better now! When he is out having his fun, YOU should go out and have your fun! Your girl friends miss you and would love to spend time with you. Take advantage of the opportunities to have fun, because one day there might not be any. Don’t let him see you down, let him see that you CAN live without him and HE is the LUCKY one to have you in his life. And If you’re scared that he’s going to get mad at something you do, DON’T BE! He is the one who made the decision for the “break.” Show off your stuff, girl! But in a classy way.

I know a couple who were engaged twice. The first time, obviously, did not work out so well. They broke off the engagement for their reasons and went their separate ways. During that time, The girl kept herself busy with so many activities and outtings that it seemed like she was just fine. Of course, she had a few moments in that period where she would stop and think about her ex and what he was doing and if he would call, but then she’d get back on her feet and do something else. She would go to the bar with her cousins, she would spend time with her family, help her grandparents…anything to make it known she was still going to have an enjoyable life even after a really bad break-up. about 6-9 months later (I think?) they got back together, a couple years later got engaged, 6 months later got married, and now they have the most precious baby boy you could ever lay your eyes on (with a beautiful baby girl on the way). That’s right. My sister and brother-in-law.


If I haven’t been through the experience, I’ve been around it from my friends. Cheating, long-distance, crazy ex-girlfriends, friends feeling like more than friends, friends getting rejected by other friends, great relationship but just not feeling the same. You name it.

It’s a crazy world. But YOU control how you take it all in.

Stay Classy (;


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