God is Able

Today I’m writing with a clear and open heart. In other words, a CHANGED heart. Weird, huh?


A few weeks ago, an old classmate from high school got engaged. I met his fiancé one time at a party and she was super sweet. But, when I saw the announcement on Facebook, I was completely shocked for some reason. All kind of thoughts were running through my mind: “Oh my gosh, they’re engaged!” “Wait, people our age shouldn’t be old enough to get married, we’re still kids!” “But they do really love each other…and already live together” and then finally the thought crossed my mind….”I guess when you know, you KNOW.”

That whole day I was zoned out into this world of thought and wonder. Asking myself, “Well, if people my age are already finding their “ones“, where is my one?”

A few of months ago, two of my dearest friends had started to date these two awesome guys. Both girls at first being iffy about it and keeping their guard up (like most girls should). But then after both relationships became official, they told me stories about what great things these guys have done in their lives, or in their relationship with them already, and I was taken back, but in the greatest way. I was completely happy for both of them, and I still am! But, first let me explain why I was taken back.

Both of these girls had found Jesus. One is a helper in one of the greatest Bible studies I have heard of, Breakaway Ministries. The other is a Chaplain for a great great great group of girls who I know she loves with her whole heart! They both were 100% committed to Jesus, spreading His word, making everything better through Him. Then they both found these amazing guys, that believed in Him. Who pray, not only for themselves, but for their relationship with my friends. How much greater guys can you get!?


So, back to the day my old classmate got engaged…

I started to think of my friends and their great relationships…All of a sudden, I had an epiphany. I need to get closer to God. HE is the One I need to be searching for. HE is the one who is going to bring me what I need in life, even if I don’t think I need it. So I texted one of the girls and told her about this epiphany and asked her where do I begin? How do I start? What do I need to do to get closer to God!? Thank God for her, ya’ll. She completely understood where I was coming from and told me about this bookstore in College Station, Lifeway: Christian Store. I finally was able to go in there last week….and I absolutely love it in there. Just hearing the Christian music made me feel so much better about my day. I ended up buying two books, “God is Able” & “Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First (I Am Second Daily Readers).”



I first started with God is Able. I’m almost halfway (yes, I read slow…and some parts over and over until I understand it correctly) through. But, even though I’m not even close with being done with it, I can already tell you I love it. The prologue tells us why Priscilla Shirer wrote this book. She makes it VERY relatable to the reader. I have thought every little thought she wrote in that first section of the book….and I knew this book was for me. There’s even a little part in there that gives you a chance to write down why you are reading this book. Just a little fun activity 🙂


I recommend this book to anyone who is trying to get closer to God. Trust me, I am NOT a reader….but I get excited to be able to sit down and read this book when I can..and I find myself making time to read it. Alrighty, that’s enough writing for now 🙂 Time to go read!


OH! If you have any helpful ideas/solutions/comments on how you’ve gotten closer to God, or if you have any questions at all, feel free to comment or message me! 🙂


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