Summertime DIY: Monogrammed Washers Boards. . . .


DIY Monogrammed Washers BoardsWhen we woke up this morning, we needed a project. Bad. We just couldn’t figure out what to project on. Nothing needed fixin’ or renovating or refurbishing. Nothing. So we became bored – which is not a very attractive look on my husband and I because we always have to be doing something – anything! As we drank our coffee on the deck, we looked around at our rather boring backyard and decided it needed something – anything – some entertainment for those backyard BBQs and shindigs we’re so fond of having. And that’s when it hit us: Washers. ((Otherwise known as “Southern Horseshoes” to all you Southern Belles out there.)) Not familiar with either term?! Washers is a game that can be found at any tailgate or local outdoor burger joint here in Fort Worth. Basically you and your opponent are trying to throw some…

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